15 de out de 2009

Imagens do universo da ciência são premiadas no Reino Unido

A décima edição do concurso da Wellcome Trust, instituição britânica de amparo à pesquisas médicas, premiou algumas das melhores imagens feitas a partir de pesquisas médicas em 2008. O Wellcome Image Awards 2009 selecionou 15 imagens que retratam a ciência de forma artística e "contribuem para a compreensão da medicina moderna e da ciência".

Wellcome Image Awards 2009

Lung cancer cell

A single cell grown from a culture of lung epithelial cancer cells. The purple spheres are 'blebs': irregular bulges where the cell's internal scaffolding - its cytoskeleton - becomes unlinked from the surface membrane. Scanning electron micrograph.

Sickle-cell anaemia

This image shows two red blood cells. The one in the front has been affected by sickle-cell anaemia, and displays the characteristic sickle shape (a flattened 'C' shape) common to the disease. Scanning electron micrograph.

Villi in the small intestine

These finger-like structures in the small intestine of a mouse have been cropped at the tips and stained with fluorescent dyes to distinguish between different components of the cells. The cell nuclei are blue, while the red stain shows actin, a protein that covers the surface of each villus. Multiphoton fluorescent micrograph.

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